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integrated business technology solutions

Communications Solutions

...Efficient powerful connections

  • Our communications infrastructure solutions are designed for all sizes of business and range from routing calls to different locations at different times of day, through to building office-based telephone exchanges integrated with computer systems to provide the ultimate in customer recognition.

Software Solutions

...Benefiting your business

  • We will work with you to identify solutions to your needs in such areas as Customer Relationship Management, Information Retrieval Management and Management Information Systems. We will also design bespoke software and database developments for you where no package solution exists.

e-commerce Solutions

...Significant opportunity for change

  • e-commerce is more than just technology, it is increasingly being seen as providing a competitive edge over companies who have not exploited as yet. We will work with you to determine your e-commerce business opportunities and can then provide you with highly reliable systems for you to reap the benefits. We can also advise on issues such as collecting payment, and ensuring your products are delivered efficiently.